A speed painting Tutorial


A Speed painting tutorial



Based on a real incident!

Alone again, naturally

a Scrat Fanart.
inspired by the song "along again, naturally" by chad Fischer, from Iceage 3

The Watchman

Sketchy morning

a couple o' new digital sketches in Sketchbook pro :) finding time to color the first one now :D

The Creation

..of a masterpiece... or a monster,as some would call it.

Blue fanart :P

..ok..the truth is hard

The movie SUCKs!!!!!!!!!!

no argument on that line. none required :P just watch and see if u can survive.

A Wild Wild Kiss

A view from my room

Home work

where secret doodles and flip book animations are born... 7.00 pm to 9.30 -home work time :)

Belated Teacher's day

Well, it's not my fault if the only memory the word 'teacher' brings to my head is this. :D

Blackboard, chalks and funny faced teachers made my daily sketches those days..followed by screaming sessions in the headmaster's room :D

right from class 6.

Parkour- Running Free!

A black out and the comp was off for more than 3 hours. So started off with some pencils and an A3 paper :D Ended up like this

:) click to see the enlarged version

Iron Giant Fan art- storytime; big guy!


Primary sketch..very rough..but i can see the figure in there..can't u? look closer ..he he :) i'm lazy on this part.

Now, there's a pen tool and 3 long hours . Sorry about the crappy watermark. since it's a WIP, i thought I'll put the highres once i'm done.

Well, the background looked so blank. my first idea was to put a sky and some snow falling. but that'd be my laziness showing off :D so took a few hours on that.

ok. another update. my flat colors. trying to maintain a not-so-dark-comic feel for the whole thing, way different from my regular style. comments welcome, and plz do before i go to next level of colors.

Then ,somehow i didn't liek the comic art look and feel. thought of doing it more realistic ...

cleared the background and started airbrushing the iron giant in photoshop :)

more and more details and lights on the piece...

Alive comes the Giant ..and the kid :D

" ...and superman saved the day again? ..Woaw!

he he enjoy. wish me luck on the IG Project.

a style check

some style check for a work

Anti-war sketch

Some wars can be avoided :) ...with one apt move ...